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Our Team Moving Leader's Forward mentoring team consists of seasoned professional trainers and mentors that are skilled in their fields of practice and who have passion to facilitate transformative change in the lives of girls and young women through leadership development.

Our Team of trainers and guest mentors through online and face-to-face training provide mentoring, knowledge and skills for girls and young woman

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Next Leadership Events

  • July 8th - 10th 2016
  • Hingham, Massachusetts
  • Grades 9-12th Grade

  • July 18th - 22nd 2016
  • Hingham, Massachusetts
  • Grades 6-8th Grade

Make a Difference Today for Tomorrow

Help our future leaders make healthy lifestyle choices

Your donation will create an opportunity for girls to learn leadership skills through health and wellness.

How To Help

Volunteers - Want to Make a Difference? Moving Leaders Forward is a non-profit mentoring program. Volunteers act as role models and provide friendship and personal support to girls and young women who participate in Moving Leaders Forward programs while developing meaningful relationships which encourage personal achievements and development.


Become a Mentor A mentor assumes many roles as they help to guide a young person, being a role model, cheerleader, advocate and friend.

Some qualities all mentors possess are: a desire to be involved with young people, empathy, active listener, respect for young people, be flexible and open, sees opportunities and solutions.

Mentors as well as mentees learn a lot about themselves while learning and growing. You'll feel good about yourself while building your self esteem and your relationship with others will grow by bounds.

Good mentors take the time to get to know their mentees and the things they like and are important to the mentee. Accepting these challenges will forever change your life as well as the mentee and last a lifetime.

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Leadership Skills

Strengthening leadership skills


Mental Confdence

Encouraging independent thinkers



Enhancing performance through healthy eating habits


Physical Strength

Promoting self-confidence through movement