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Kelsey Farden

Kelsey Farden

Girls Summer Leadership Academy

Kelsey Farden is a current freshman at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, where she is both a student and a member of the Women's Lacrosse Team. At Brown, Kelsey plans to concentrate in International Relations and possibly also in economics. IR is an area that allows her to work toward fluency in the French language, a skill she hopes will enable her to travel, communicate, and make a difference in francophone areas of the world in the years to come. The IR Econ pairing would equip her with an understanding of markets, trade, and decision making by individuals, governments, and firms to supplement her cross-cultural appreciation and global problem solving. She loves learning about and connecting with people, and she believes that every individual should embrace and celebrate what makes him or her different. At Thayer, she was the captain of her high school basketball team, and she was recognized twice as a Class A All-Star and once as a First Team All-ISL honoree. Kelsey was the only freshman at Thayer to make three Varsity sports teams (soccer, basketball, and lacrosse), and she was recognized as an all-league standout in her senior lacrosse season. At Thayer, Kelsey was also a Lead Tour Guide, a sports writer for the school's magazine, the Voice, and a lead pianist in a jazz combo.

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