Moving Leaders Forward℠

Dynamic Leadership Programs for Girls in 6th - 12th grades

Necessary Healthy Habits

Skills and tools to be strong peer leaders of today

Team and Leadership-Building

Stronger, healthier, self-confident leaders of tomorrow

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Leadership Skills

Strengthening leadership skills


Mental Confdence

Encouraging independent thinkers



Enhancing performance through healthy eating habits


Physical Strength

Promoting self-confidence through movement

Moving Leaders Forward℠

Dynamic Leadership Programs for Girls in 6th - 12th grades

Moving Leaders Forward is a Massachusetts based non-profit organization that provides programs and mentoring services designed to tend to the health-related lifestyle challenges facing young girls and women in society today. Research has shown that failure to promote healthy lifestyles and behaviors during the period of adolescence may have implications for adolescent overall wellness across their lifespan.

Moving Leaders Forward is a research-based organization (which derives from theoretical frameworks such as the Wheel of Wellness) that is dedicated to providing programs that focus on the particular lifestyle related habits and behaviors of young girls and women.

Our programs are designed to:

a. Provide guidance and support for girls to develop skills to lead healthy lifestyles.

b. Promote the development of life-skills (healthy coping-skills, decision-making skills, preparing and understanding of food and nutrition, developing and maintaining healthy relationships with themselves and others, and other principles found in the wheel of wellness theoretical framework) necessary to be strong current and future leaders in their homes, schools and communities.

We believe that every motivated girl should have access to our programming regardless of their family's financial situation, and for that reason we lean on donations and gifts to expose girls of various economic and ethnic backgrounds.

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